CSX Property, Columbus, OH

As part of the redevelopment team, directed the environmental investigation and assessment to resolve environmental concerns associated with a CSX property located in Columbus, Ohio. Specific activities included directing field investigations, evaluation of sampling results, interaction with Ohio EPA to resolve environmental concerns to allow redevelopment of the property for commercial use.

Former Chemical Manufacturing Facility, Cincinnati, OH

As a member of a potential new ownership/redevelopment group, conducted an extensive assessment of the complex environmental issues of a former dye manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. Several areas of environmental concern, and multiple constituents of concern in soils and groundwater were identified. Successfully negotiated alternative environmental criteria with the Ohio EPA to allow selective commercial redevelopment of the property.

Manufacturing Facility, Evansville, IN

As part of the pre-purchase due diligence team, conducted a detailed environmental evaluation of a manufacturing facility in a historically heavy manufacturing area in Evansville, Indiana. Historical use of the property included an automobile service station with USTs, a petroleum fuel distribution facility with bulk ASTs, and an office building. Additional environmental concerns included the heavy industrial use of the area and nearby railroad tracks. A process to resolve environmental concerns and receive a “comfort letter” from IDEM was developed.

Former Auto Salvage Yard, Jeffersonville, IN

Conducted the environmental pre-purchase due diligence of a former multi-acre auto salvage facility in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Evaluation of current property conditions was conducted. Additional environmental investigation needs were identified under IDEM regulations in order to allow redevelopment of the property.

LexTran Facility, Lexington KY

Successfully completed a risk-based closure of environmental concerns to achieve compliance with the KDWM UST Program to allow redevelopment of the LexTran facility in Lexington. The facility housed the vehicle (bus) service and repair operations for the Lexington bus service. The scope of work included review and assessment of the Phase I ESA and Phase II site characterization results, then completion of a site-specific risk assessment and risk management plan. Primary constituents of concern were petroleum related materials, gasoline and diesel constituents, lead, and PAHs. The risk-based approach was approved by the UST Branch to meet regulatory requirements and allowed redevelopment of the Property without remediation.

Vehicle Service Centers/Gasoline Stations/UST&AST Properties, various:

Assessment of numerous vehicle maintenance and repair centers, refueling stations (gasoline and diesel), and other industrial/commercial properties with USTs and ASTs. Properties have been located throughout the country including Kentucky (Louisville, Jeffersontown, Frankfort, Lexington, Elizabethtown, Bowling Green, Henderson), Indiana, Texas, Maryland, and Colorado. Activities involved site-specific risk evaluations to resolve environmental issues, achieve regulatory compliance with various UST Programs, and allowed the re-use/redevelopment of the Properties.

Louisville Naval Ordnance/Louisville Redevelopment Corp. (Technology Park):

Provided professional expertise in environmental risk management to assist with the resolution of environmental concerns related to past practices and environmental contamination at the former Naval Ordnance facility to allow redevelopment as a technology park; issues involved extensive ground water and soil contamination. Technical recommendations included using a risk-based approach to direct the site characterization (Phase II) investigation and subsequent assessment of potential human health risks and need for risk management activities to facilitate reuse of the facility. USEAP Region 4 concurred with this approach.

American Air Filter (AAF) property, Louisville, KY, south side of property:

Provided risk assessment and risk management expertise to allow the redevelopment of a major manufacturing property into Central Station commercial center by Faulkner, Hinton and Associates (FHA). It was the first privately lead brownfields project in the Commonwealth. Primary environmental concerns involved ground water contamination and minor soil contamination. A Risk Management Plan (RMP) was prepared and submitted to the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (KDEP). KDEP approved the RMP and required only routine monitoring of ground water and isolated soil removal. Work was performed on behalf of both AAF (seller) and FHA (buyer/developer).

AAF property, Louisville, KY, north side of property:

Redevelopment of the existing building into professional office space by FHA. The remaining portion of the property was redeveloped into the new U of L baseball stadium by the University of Louisville (U of L). Primary environmental concerns involved ground water contamination by PCE and possible vapor intrusion into the building. A Risk Management Plan (RMP) was prepared and submitted to the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (KDEP). KDEP approved the RMP and required only routine monitoring of ground water and air monitoring in the building. Work was performed on behalf of both AAF (seller), FHA (buyer/developer), and U of L (buyer/developer).

Mattel Manufacturing Facility, Murray Kentucky:

The Mattel facility was closing and the property was for sale. Lingering environmental concerns were preventing the sale. The primary environmental concern involved ground water contamination from a leaking underground storage tank (UST) that contained chlorinated solvents (PCE) used in degreasing operations. The tank and surrounding soils were removed and the ground water was treated with chemical oxidizers. After limited remediation a report evaluating the situation was submitted to the KDEP and demonstrated that COC concentrations were below levels of concern. The KDEP concurred and issued a no further action letter stating that the environmental issues were resolved. The property was subsequently sold to Pella Windows and put back into use. Work was performed on behalf of Mattel (owner/seller).

Kentucky Plating Property, Floyd and Main in Louisville:

Work was performed on behalf of the buyer developer, KP Main, LLC/Cobalt who intended to redevelop the property into condominiums. Initial environmental conditions indicated that the property would not be suitable for residential use. Working on behalf of the buyer/developer, the purchase price was significantly below the asking price, hundreds of thousands of dollars were saved on projected environmental investigation and remediation costs, and the KDEP approved a less stringent remediation and agreed that redevelopment into condominiums would be possible.

Phelps Dodge Magnetic Wire Manufacturing Plant, Hopkinsville:

The facility was closed and no longer in use. Local developers were interested in buying the property for re-use. Work was performed for the buyer/developer involving environmental due diligence and evaluation of environmental conditions. Although minor ground water contamination by PCE was present, no significant environmental concerns were identified. The environmental concerns were resolved and the buyer/developer was able to buy the property. The property had been appraised at $6 million, and was purchased for $1 million.

A former chemical repackaging/distribution facility, Henderson, KY:

The property is a former specialty chemical manufacturing and repacking facility located in an industrial area in Henderson, Kentucky. The facility ceased operations several years ago but residual contamination was detected in the soils and ground water when the owners tried to sell the property. The property is currently held in a family trust. Risk evaluations were conducted on soil and ground water constituents, alternative remediation goals were developed, and potential intrusion of solvent vapors into the remaining buildings assessed. A preliminary risk management plan was prepared for potential submission to Kentucky’s Brownfields Program. This project is ongoing.

Dry Cleaners/Solvent-Use facilities, various:

Numerous dry cleaners and facilities using dry cleaning solvents (PCE) have been evaluated in several states. Work was performed for both owners/sellers and buyers/redevelopers. Environmental conditions were determined and potential health risks identified and quantified. Through a combination of quantitative risk assessment, risk management, and remediation, environmental concerns were addressed and resolved. Properties were bought, sold, and put back into productive use.

Assessment and resolution of environmental issues related to numerous additional properties, including: heavy manufacturing, refining, petrochemical, military, and railroad facilities. Detailed information is available upon request. Professional references are also available upon request.